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Separation and divorce are one of the most traumatic life experiences that you will experience. Our family mediators aim to support you by identifying the issues that need resolution. We will inform you what the legal position is with regard to those issues(1) and the options available, allowing you our clients, to make a decision jointly that you are content with.

Most importantly, mediation is good for your children. All discussions are tempered  by the fact that if you do have children you will have a continuing relationship as parents long after you have ended your husband and wife relationship. In mediation the best interests of the children remain the central and key issue.


How do we identify these issues?

The advantages of Family Mediation over a Court based process..

We listen, to both parties. The mediation is conducted so that both of you contribute equally to the decisions that you make. We ask questions to help you work out;

  • Do you want to repair your relationship  

  • What it will cost to live apart

  • The amount and duration of financial support for yourselves and your children

  • How CMEC(2) could apply to your children with regard to financial support

  • The value of your assets and how to divide them fairly

  • A plan for your future parenting decisions.

Your mediation will take place in a calm, private environment where you will have the opportunity to express your position. Your mediator will assist you in clarifying what it is that you would like and what it is that is reciprocally beneficial rather than focussing on two opposing sides.

You will be able to express your needs directly and the Mediator will help you express yourself constructively. The process is a joint search for a reasonable solution, so that neither party can gain at the other’s expense; there are no winners and losers. Ultimately you are in control of the process and any agreement will need to be mutual.

The cost of mediating is far less than going to court, both emotionally and financially. The average cost of a divorce where there are issues is £13,000(3) with the figure rising to £25,000 to £50,000. The average mediation takes between 10 and 12 hours. Mediation of specific issues, for example a simple property settlement for couples without children, takes less time.


You owe it to yourself, your children & your future to learn more about mediation...

“There was no family case, however conflicted that was not open to successful mediation” Al Khatib v Masry 
 - Lord Justice Thorpe

Family Mediation is a process in which an impartial third person, the mediator, assists those involved in family breakdown to make arrangements to plan for or following a separation or divorce. Equally mediation can play an invaluable role to support families in difficult times to re-build relationships and broker solutions. The process is managed by the mediator but the content is decided by the couple.

By this method, it is hoped that couples will be able to explore the issues and concerns they have and to reach their own joint decisions. Mediation also offers couples an opportunity to explore their continuing communication together for the future. Issues generally centre on arrangements for divorce or separation, children, finance and property.

Mediation, can, therefore assist couples at the point of breakdown of their relationship to consider their options and make arrangements they can live with for their separate lives – particularly if children are involved. It can aid parents make, and when necessary or appropriate, review arrangements for their children, reflecting the changing needs of children and of parents going through the process of divorce and into new systems of living.

Comprehensive or “all issues” mediation aids couples to look at all issues arising on separation and divorce including arrangements for children and financial and property decisions.

What does it cost?

Due to the bespoke nature of the service we provide, the Fee Schedule is for guidance only. At the initial consultation with the clients, your mediators will determine and discuss the appropriate fee schedule.


(1) This does not obviate the need to seek independent legal advice when you have reached a final settlement in order to ensure that your agreement does deal with all your legal entitlements.

(2) Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission

(3) The Guardian 6th September 2003

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